The rabbit and the turtle and the cat.


How many of you read short stories? Ah not like a terrible tiny tale or dank tales, pretty much like Panchatantra or an old Wimpy kid.

Let me tell you a story I read in my kindergarten with a little twist, trust me, folks, I have messed it up entirely.

“Once upon a time a Turtle and a Rabbit had an argument when they were in school about who might get into IIT.

They decided to compete against one another so as to show themselves better over other. The rabbit study 8-9 hours daily while the turtle put 4-5 hrs. after seeing a turtle, rabbit thought he would relax for some time and take a break from studies. Turtle while consistent in his work.

Soon boards came, turtle emerges as a champ or topper.

Moral of the story consistent hard work leads to a winner

But after school, turtle got admission in IIT and rabbit went to the University of Delhi.

However, the story still has not ended.

The rabbit and turtle at their 30s

By this time, rabbit and turtle become quite good friends, and they were taking shots at a bar discussing their no girl, workaholic life, both rabbit and turtle are going through their quarter-life crises which they have no idea.

Turtle: Bro, I did everything I supposed to do. Got good grades in school, went to IIT, climbed the career ladder and among the top honcho of a leading firm. I had done everything, needed on paper to be good enough.

Then why I am feeling so confused as if I am nowhere, I was stuck despite all the figured I got.

Rabbit: bro, I am going through very same, getting up daily with the feeling of unfulfilled making me even more depressed

Being a cupid at a time, Now I even don’t have a girl to go on date.

I am so dependent on this nightlife, social gatherings, girls that I lost myself somewhere.

Their discussion goes on deeper and deeper and they have realized how badly they want to get out the life they are stuck in.

There comes a cat(their school crush) with her better- half dog and she was telling rabbit and turtle how she did her grad and a masters from B-tier college and worked for 10 years in bigwigs company and now how she fulfilled her wishes to be creative and at the same time how she balanced her life and friends and family.

She even shared her thoughts with turtle and rabbit that how it’s important to access those skills, learned in life to empower what actually matters for their life rather than running toward materialistic life.

Leaving rabbit at a bartender, she said to turtle you know, it does not make a difference that how far you have climbed the stairs, it just that how to balance you walk your way. It is only doing work with bliss that matters.

So, In the end, neither the rabbit nor turtle wins since they were the piece of the unending race, and later they understand cat success

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