Tuesday’s hope!

Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” ― Stephen King.

I dont watch many movies but there is an old classic The shawshank redemption, which hits me hard, It is not just a movie about prison but probably a one about courage and persistence.

Sometimes I wonder about the people who spent all thier life stucking somewhere in life, how thier thought pinning a point in mind until choked down. I do the same sometimes, i think we all do the same, trying to fortify the castle someway. In every time when we see wrongness, we excruciate ourselves and give up all but there we forget THE HOPE .

In The shawshank redemption, Andy Dufresne has only hope that keep him alive. I think hope is all to rise, to head somewhere. There are only some who are courageous as Andy but we all deal with pain, hard times but you know what it only make us crook, as andy said, how it is just a simple choice to get busy living or busy dying.

As I feel there are millions of people around who are stuck in middle of nowhere and have lost all thier hopes, how do I define thier helplessness? Remember only a beacon of hope can get you out from your helplessness.

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