How I met The Ganga

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”- Marcel Proust

I had always wanted to see Ganga,wanted to listen her, I had asked her some questions during my first meeting.

“They say you are a river of life, you are river of death. I know there is no real going back. though I may come to you, it will not seem the same: for I shall not be the same. I can hear your voice, you are calm yet so loud. i can hear you but what i can see in you, you hold thier belongings beautifully, they came to you to attain salvation, i came to you to see your burden, where did you find your peace ?where shall I find my rest? goddamn I see you, I attain everything” .

I didnt get my answer till now, hope someday or in another meeting she reverts to me.

I read somewhere they have something special to tell ,only if we talk to them and listen carefully.

Do let me know about your conversations with Ganga. In the meantime I will get back to search my answer.

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