Are there gods up who see us?

For If they did this to you,
You are a great.
For If they take revenge in name of you?
You must be a strong.
Did you like the smell of burnt flesh?
Because, I dont. Did you like the ashes so much? Cus, I dont.
Since our childhood,we all learned how powerful you are.
On one hand there is plenty instance of your mercy, while on the other there is a question on your authenticity?
Are you up seeing this anyway?
How killings in the name of you, in the day of yours done well.
Are you up in the sky taken the credibility of balancing?
Or you wait for next Easter to smell it again?

One thought on “Are there gods up who see us?

  1. If i give u a pen. Its ur desire to write wtever u want.
    Sameway he gave us brain and ability to think. Its us who r misusing it.
    When d page will have no space left.
    He wil simply tear it and provide new chance on new page to write something new.

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