I never get the idea of nihilism. I am beyond that. I wonder till what point should we take other perspectives into consideration? ain`t I eliminating my idea with this approach. At what point should I stop? I gotta own this every time, sometimes without making the situation shit. lately, I feel aspirations, reasons, etc, are a mirage to me. I think with this I get better things in a better way, At least I can defend my most of thoughts.

My Juneverse!!!

Like a free bird, in an arm spread skies, Facing life with all lows and highs, with an ignited mind and an enlightened soul, some dreams to fulfill and to reach a goal.

In Ramayana, did Mother Sita do any mistake ?
She didnt know that the hungry sage was Fake,
She just wanted to serve food to the Monk, for her Husband’s Sake,
She feared the sage might curse her & her husband,chances she could’t Take,
What lesson does that goes to Make ?
Life is always unujust to you,
No matter what side you choose and chew !

My verse!!

1. You love talking, I have never been a huge talker.
sometimes you end up never speaking to someone who meant to you. you cope, thats okay. I know when wrong thing said it harms but the thing I unsaid hurts you the most. you know that`s how the world is, you have to cope with this. i thought things get better eventually, without any explanation. My point is I will be there always. listen, healing yourself is your own responsibility. Nobody does that for you, just stay happy 🙂

2. Once upon a time, I fell in love not literally, simply a poetic, in parallel space or time. There are inevitability stayed there for a short while, when everythings end, and I look back at what I used to be, will I ever met him or watch him fell sleep, will I hold his soft hands and play with thim, like I used to do. I return to 103 and sit at edge of bed, watching clock,date. In this unflinching moment, almost instinctivly I think about him and somewhere, like for sometime, I am happy. may be he forgot me. may be he is happy to eat buiscuits by someone`s hand.