Body castle


But what’s most important about our bodies, Is that they remember everything, recognise odours of hugs, love, blessings. It engraved broken promises. It’s like tombstone.

But what’s the most strangest, Is it memories?  It ushers you to go whereever you want to go or sometimes where you never want to go, a version of reality that let your numbness toll on your sleep.

As we grow, we ,somehow learn how to fortify our own brain castle.


IMG_20190914_062739.JPGHey spidey, why you always caught in dilemma,whether to be hinged towards unrewarding truth or hang on to the false hope of better prospects, your courage is hard to figure it out. May be it is based on dumb idea, but I am not supposed to question you. Your courage is always trickey. Should you always do like this? O I dont want you to get caught, May be just may be, people telling you to do this or may be it’s who you are or who you want to be.



Stay, just stay, I and you keep the memories, on some nights when you and I are fight over, I keep the time and day, save, if you walk out, I will have to stop all this. You decide, to stay or leave. I can only tell you, so my words, so will the cosmos. So stay, because you and I are meant together. Now ever, everytime, just stay because you and I will not meet in another world, you deserve promise land and I am not meant to be there.

How I met The Ganga

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”- Marcel Proust

I had always wanted to see Ganga,wanted to listen her, I had asked her some questions during my first meeting.

“They say you are a river of life, you are river of death. I know there is no real going back. though I may come to you, it will not seem the same: for I shall not be the same. I can hear your voice, you are calm yet so loud. i can hear you but what i can see in you, you hold thier belongings beautifully, they came to you to attain salvation, i came to you to see your burden, where did you find your peace ?where shall I find my rest? goddamn I see you, I attain everything” .

I didnt get my answer till now, hope someday or in another meeting she reverts to me.

I read somewhere they have something special to tell ,only if we talk to them and listen carefully.

Do let me know about your conversations with Ganga. In the meantime I will get back to search my answer.

Tuesday’s hope!

Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” ― Stephen King.

I dont watch many movies but there is an old classic The shawshank redemption, which hits me hard, It is not just a movie about prison but probably a one about courage and persistence.

Sometimes I wonder about the people who spent all thier life stucking somewhere in life, how thier thought pinning a point in mind until choked down. I do the same sometimes, i think we all do the same, trying to fortify the castle someway. In every time when we see wrongness, we excruciate ourselves and give up all but there we forget THE HOPE .

In The shawshank redemption, Andy Dufresne has only hope that keep him alive. I think hope is all to rise, to head somewhere. There are only some who are courageous as Andy but we all deal with pain, hard times but you know what it only make us crook, as andy said, how it is just a simple choice to get busy living or busy dying.

As I feel there are millions of people around who are stuck in middle of nowhere and have lost all thier hopes, how do I define thier helplessness? Remember only a beacon of hope can get you out from your helplessness.

Feminist or feminazi? Who are you?

We all have googled the word feminism, by definition “the belief that women should be allowed the same rights, power, and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way.”

I am a 20-year-old girl who is resistant to call herself feminist in a name of feminazi, I know there are people like me who refuses to be a part of this group who falls into misandry, the open hatred for the man. There is widespread confusion that the more you hate men, the more feminist you are. I want to talk more about the vulnerability, the right of every living being on the planet.

I know the women have never given the right since time-honored what they deserve, and battling against for their right is absolutely necessary But twisting the movement in the name of sympathy and privilege is absolutely not right.
There is a certain faction of women who fight for a seat in public transport and ask for a reservation in every sphere of the earth but let’s not go there for now.

Feminism as say is about pro- equality and goodliness for women yet, it never talks about equality of both men as well as women rather division and hatred top the place.

Why a certain faction of feminism never talks about how there are certain things meant to be done better by men and others by women rather it chooses to show superiority over others.

Calm down, feminist. Believe it or not, our society today, through the wonder of cultural norms, has bred us like this that men are rapist, perpetrators, they suffer from Obsessive-compulsive masculinity disorder – and this is not absolutely okay.
this is the thing that is wrong with all the feminazi out there, the victimization, that sucks attention.

The more people who are proclaiming themselves ‘feminist”, the harder it becomes to know
Who is the feminist or Who is the feminazi?