What’s your sky color?


My sky is not pink not even blue. it is colorless. 

I have not chosen any colors for my sky.

I guess, Nobody does.

people around us fill our sky with different shade of colors.


IMG_20190914_062739.JPGHey spidey, why you always caught in dilemma,whether to be hinged towards unrewarding truth or hang on to the false hope of better prospects, your courage is hard to figure it out. May be it is based on dumb idea, but I am not supposed to question you. Your courage is always trickey. Should you always do like this? O I dont want you to get caught, May be just may be, people telling you to do this or may be it’s who you are or who you want to be.

Are there gods up who see us?

For If they did this to you,
You are a great.
For If they take revenge in name of you?
You must be a strong.
Did you like the smell of burnt flesh?
Because, I dont. Did you like the ashes so much? Cus, I dont.
Since our childhood,we all learned how powerful you are.
On one hand there is plenty instance of your mercy, while on the other there is a question on your authenticity?
Are you up seeing this anyway?
How killings in the name of you, in the day of yours done well.
Are you up in the sky taken the credibility of balancing?
Or you wait for next Easter to smell it again?


They say you are river of life, you are river of death. I know there is no real going back. Though, I may come to you, It will not seem the same; for I shall not be the same. I can hear your voice. You are calm yet so loud. I can hear you but what I can see in you, you hold thier belonging beautifully, they came to you to attain salvation, I came to you to see the burden, where did you find your peace? Where shall I find my rest? Goddamn I see you, I attain everything.


Courage is a hard thing to figure, you can have based on a dumb idea but you are not supposed to question the adults or your teachers. Maybe they know best, maybe they don’t. In the poem “valley of death”, didn’t at least one of the 600 guys think about giving and joining us the other side ? 
That is why courage is tricky .
Should you always do what others tell you to do ? Maybe sometimes you don’t know why you’re doing something. Any fool can have courage, but honour that’s the real reason you either do something, it’s who you are and maybe who you want courage to be. If you die trying for something important then you have both courage and honour and that’s dope. Maybe that’s what Tennyson wanted to convey that you should hope for courage and try for honor. And maybe just maybe pray that the people telling you what to do have some too. “
~Blind Side

Body castle


But what’s most important about our bodies, Is that they remember everything, recognise odours of hugs, love, blessings. It engraved broken promises. It’s like tombstone.

But what’s the most strangest, Is it memories?  It ushers you to go whereever you want to go or sometimes where you never want to go, a version of reality that let your numbness toll on your sleep.

As we grow, we ,somehow learn how to fortify our own brain castle.



As Andy dufresne said to Red, “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies”
Sometimes I wonder about the days I spent, stucking my mind at a point, impragnating it with millions of wilderness. I think we all do the same, trying to fortify the castle in some way.In everytime when we see wrongness,we excruciate ourself and give up all but there we forget, the hope, In shawshank of redemption, Andy dufresne has only hope that keep him alive. I think  hope is all like to rise,Its all like to head somewhere.There are only some who are courageous as andy, but this man hits me hard, there is hard times we all deal with but its only to make us crook, andy told us how it just a simple choice to either get busy living or busy dying.



Stay, just stay, I and you keep the memories, on some nights when you and I are fight over, I keep the time and day, save, if you walk out, I will have to stop all this. You decide, to stay or leave. I can only tell you, so my words, so will the cosmos. So stay, because you and I are meant together. Now ever, everytime, just stay because you and I will not meet in another world, you deserve promise land and I am not meant to be there.



Time flies away slowly, on the same seat someone else sit. There is space between you and I, Nanometer falls between us, I search for you, looking for affection, never knowing that the door is almost closed, where I stand on front and wonder. I hold your absence anyway, Thinking, is there nothing that fills the space where I keep you, I save.

Yes or No?

  • Would you usher me to a place where you live, so that I can come someday, and we talk about life, afterlife, stars, every little detail of everything? Would you still placate my screeds like you used to do? Would you come back to me so that I cover miles with your back, would these all be true someday?


  • In this departure, there is no pain, no aches, only a rim of blurred stories that soon fade away, In this world full of people, there is no place of forever, as somebody said, we are children of memory. In every passing moment, you and I get faded, and only this memory get last.


The rabbit and the turtle and the cat.

say it loud


How many of you read short stories? Ah not like a terrible tiny tale or dank tales, pretty much like Panchatantra or an old Wimpy kid.

Let me tell you a story I read in my kindergarten with a little twist, trust me, folks, I have messed it up entirely.

“Once upon a time a Turtle and a Rabbit had an argument when they were in school about who might get into IIT.

They decided to compete against one another so as to show themselves better over other. The rabbit study 8-9 hours daily while the turtle put 4-5 hrs. after seeing a turtle, rabbit thought he would relax for some time and take a break from studies. Turtle while consistent in his work.

Soon boards came, turtle emerges as a champ or topper.

Moral of the story consistent hard work leads to a winner

But after school, turtle…

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